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Kenton Instrument Co., Ltd. has such a group of "perfect perfection" in the face: the front desk receptionist's smiles, the patience of pre-sale and after sale, door-to-door delivery. Brilliant performance is achieved by every point in every detail of every position.
This is the implementation philosophy of Kenton instrument: attention to detail, pursuit of perfection. As the book of moral scripture says, “to govern a great nation, to cook a little.", Ordinary daily jobs can be done by paying full attention to them and thinking hard. You can see a world of sand, so be perfect. General cadre staff in addition to do a good job positions and set up a global consciousness, attaches great importance to the value of one's position in the overall, carefully maintaining Kenton enterprise's each step, strive for a little bit of progress every day, which is carefully practicing Kenton " Perfect "service concept. "Thick Germany" the enterprise culture core, condensed the Kenton spirit, need all of us grasp and carry forward, let us hand in hand: solid virtue, hard work, low-key man, fulfilling a Kenton man Professional virtue; heart perfection, attention to detail, the pursuit of perfection, enhance service level and create first-class.

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