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What are the operational methods of the biosafety cabinet

Before the operation, all the items required for this operation should be moved into the biosafety cabinet to avoid the arms frequently breaking the air flow through the air curtain; and disinfecting the surface with 75% alcohol before removing it to remove the pollution.
Open the fan for 5 to 10 minutes until the air in the cabinet is purified and the airflow is stable before proceeding with the experiment. Slowly extend your arms into the biological safety cabinet and wait for at least 1 minute to stabilize the airflow in the cabinet. Biosafety cabinet shall not be used for items unrelated to this experiment. The contents of the biological safety cabinet shall be divided into the clean zone, the semi-polluted area and the polluted area, which shall be convenient for use in the operation and no cross between the three zones. Articles should be placed later, but not block the airway mouth, so as not to interfere with the normal flow of air.
The operation should be carried out from the clean area to the contaminated area to avoid cross-contamination. To prevent the droplets that may be spilled, spread a towel or gauze soaked in disinfectant on the countertop, but not to cover the security cabinet grille. During the operation inside the cabinet, it is strictly forbidden to use open flame such as alcohol lamp to prevent the generated heat from generating airflow which will disturb the stability of airflow inside the cabinet; and the open flame may damage the HEPA filter. Try to minimize the number of people walking on the back of the door and quickly switch the door to prevent airflow instability in the safety cabinet.
In the experiment operation, don’t open the glass window, the operator should be guaranteed to be above the working window. When operating in the cabinet, the action should be gentle and soothing to prevent air flow in the cabinet. Biosafety cabinet should be regularly tested and maintained to ensure its normal operation. Once the work of the biosafety cabinet is found to be abnormal, the work should be stopped immediately, the corresponding measures should be taken, and the relevant person shall be informed. After the work is completed, close the windows, keep the fan running for 10 to 15 minutes, turn on the UV lamp, and irradiated for 30 minutes.
Biological safety cabinets should be regularly cleaned and disinfected, countertops pollutants in the work can be completed and disinfected with 2% UV disinfectant 84 wipes. Cabinet body surface should be cleaned daily with 1% of 84 disinfectant. The items used in the cabinet should be removed after disinfection, in order to prevent the pathogenic microorganisms brought out and pollute the environment.

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