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What measures should be taken for the failure of the transfusion equipment

When the power outage occurs, the first contact with the electrician class to determine the cause of the accident and estimate the power outage time. If there is a temporary power failure, there is a need for blood transfusion patients, then the equipment will be connected to the backup power to carry out the blood test, but not the plasma; if the water bath needs to be administered with plasma, it can be heated in a water bath to adjust the temperature to the required level Melted to ensure the clinical rescue treatment.
When the blood cannot print the report form, the report form can be filled manually to ensure the normal operation of the clinical transfusion procedure. We will make up the report form after the electricity. If it is a long time power outage or blood-storing refrigerator, plasma-specific freezer failure, and can’t be completed within a short period of time, in order to ensure the quality of blood and plasma storage, timely contact with the blood station entrusted to temporarily save blood, plasma.
The blood distribution centrifuge is a special centrifuge for blood distribution, which will affect the cross-matching of blood. When the fault occurs, first turn off the power, then turn on the power 5 minutes later, check whether it is working properly, if still not normal and there is an urgent need for blood transfusion, you can temporarily enable the spare blood centrifuge for blood, but to adjust the centrifuge Time and centrifugal force.
A spare water bath chamber should be used when the frozen plasma defrosted chamber is broken. After adding a certain amount of distilled water into the spare water bath, Allow the reserve thermostatic water bath adjust the plasma melt after the water temperature to 37 degrees. Work with the unthawed box after the equipment is repaired. After the failure of the microcomputer management system, whether it is the software problem or the hardware problem, the first step is to restart it and then check whether it is normal. If still not normal, there are a need emergency transfusion patients, first, the blood transfusion report should be completed manually. After the computer is repaired, the report card will be refilled.

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