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Introduction and function of artificial climatic chamber

The artificial climatic chamber is a kind of instrument and equipment that can simulate the artificial environment, which can be controlled by temperature and humidity. It’s very important environmental equipment in many experimental studies. Humidity is one of the regulation projects of artificial climatic chamber, in general, according to the requirement of the test, artificial climatic chamber need to be able to set different humidity, which requires the need to humidify scope to a certain extent, the artificial climatic chamber control wet range between 50 ~ 95% RH, humidity fluctuation between ± 5% RH, such a humidity range basically able to meet the needs of most environmental testing work.
The artificial climatic chamber was able to humidity, and keep the body in the constant humidity environment, mainly relies on the humidifying pump, Generally speaking, the quality of the humidifying pump is different, and its service life is not the same. Moreover, if the humidifying pump is used for a long time, its power may be insufficient. At this time, it needs to be checked, and if it’s a problem of the humidifying pump, it can be replaced. In addition, the pipeline blockage will also lead to artificial climate chamber humidity can’t go up, if the first step to exclude the humidification pump, this time you can check the connection pipe is blocked, if blocked, then do some cleaning to dodge try. But ruled out these two cases, the artificial climate chamber humidity still can’t go up, it may be equipment failure, this time must be handled by a professional technician, don’t disassemble the maintenance to avoid danger.
The artificial climatic chamber has the abnormal protection function of the super-mild sensor, which guarantees the safety of the instrument and sample. The plant growth lamp of the whole spectrum is selected for the growth of plants. The artificial climatic chamber has the power lost memory, a bit of time automatic compensation function, after the power failure, the restart can continue the original work state, the large-screen LCD screen program control, the Chinese instruction operation flow.

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