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What are the key points about selecting hot air oven

Each type of drying oven has its own specific range of application, and each material can find a number of drying devices that meet the basic requirements, but only one is suitable. If not properly selected, user besides take unnecessary one-time high purchasing cost, but also in the whole period of using pay a heavy price, such as low efficiency, high energy consumption, high operation cost, product quality is poor, and even could not run normally and so on.
The following is the basic selection of drying oven, it’s hard to say which few are the most important, ideal hot air oven selection must be based on their own conditions have focused, and sometimes compromise is necessary.
Suitability First, the drying device must be able to adapt to specific materials and meet the basic application requirements of material drying and can meet the basic requirements of throughput, dehydration, product quality and so on.
2. High drying rate. Only just the drying rate, highly fragmented with convective drying material in hot air, the critical moisture content is low, fast drying speed, and with the convective drying, drying methods are different, the critical moisture content is also different, thus the drying rate is also different.
3 low energy consumption. Different drying methods have different energy consumption indexes, and the thermal efficiency of general conduction drying can be up to 100%, and the flow drying can only be about 70%.
4. Save investment. To complete the same function of the drying device, sometimes its cost varies widely, you should choose its inferior chooses.
5. Low running cost. Equipment depreciation, energy consumption, labor, maintenance, spare parts fee... Electric hot air oven, thermostatic drying oven, vacuum drying oven and other operating expenses should be as low as possible.
Prefer to choose a simple structure, adequate supply of spare parts, high reliability, long life drying device. Meet the environmental requirements, good working conditions, high safety. It’s best to do a dry experiment of materials before selecting the type, and it is often helpful to know more about the dry equipment used by similar materials.

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