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The difference between clean bench and biosafety cabinet

The clean bench is usually the operation experiment of the normal bacteria that has no direct injury to the human body, positive pressure air supply, clean bench work area of the air flow into a horizontal laminar flow. The air in the zone is filtered by the primary filter and then pumped into the plenum by the fan and then filtered by the high-efficiency filter. The clean air is sent out, and the dust particles are carried away by the operating area with a certain uniform wind speed, thus forming a high clean working environment. Clean bench air flow rate of 24 ~ 30m / min, which is enough to prevent air pollution may be caused by harassment, such a flow rate will not hinder the use of alcohol or Bunsen burner on the equipment, such as burning disinfection.
Biosafety cabinet is generally used to make pathogens, molds, yeasts, viruses used in laboratory experiments, the operating area is negative pressure, put the windup, of course, the bacteria are not directly drawn to the outside, it’s filtered in biological safety cabinet at the top of the leak. According to the exhaust volume, the exhaust volume can be divided into 50% external row, 75%, and 100%. In the biological safety cabinet almost no microbial environment, try to avoid the use of open flame, because the alcohol lamp flame may affect indoor airflow balance.

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