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What are the precautions for biosafety cabinet

Slow moving principle: in order to avoid affecting the normal state of wind, the hand should be gently moved when operating in the cabinet. Items placed parallel principle: In order to avoid cross-contamination between objects and items, the items placed in the safety cabinet should be placed horizontally as far as possible to avoid cross-contamination during the return air. At the same time to avoid blocking the back air grilles affect the normal air duct.
Avoid vibration principle: Avoid the use of vibration instruments in the cabinet, because vibration can make up the particles on the membrane filter material shake, results in the decrease of operation room internal cleanliness, at the same time, if the operating surface is unbalanced, it will also cause the biosafety cabinet to pollute the operator.
Different sample cabinet movement principle: When two or more items in the cabinet need to be moved, we must follow the principle of moving from low-polluting items to highly-polluting items to avoid high-polluting items in the process of moving to produce a large area inside the cabinet Pollution.
Open Flame Use Principle: Try not to use the open flame in the biological safety cabinet. Because the fine particles of impurities generated during the open flame will be brought into the filter area, these high-temperature impurities will damage the filter.
If you can't avoid the need to use, you should use the light of the low flame.

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