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What are the components of the thermostatic hot air oven

Thermostatic hot air oven heated by electric heaters, the Heating wire is usually exposed to air because of high temperature and long-term oxidation, which can affect lifespan. Therefore, Guangzhou Kenton company heater adopts coil tube type electric heating tube, which can reduce the growth life of oxidation rate, and heat transfer area is increased by heat transfer to the steel tube.
A drying oven temperature controller is used to control and display of temperature, when the temperature in the cabinet below the set temperature, the temperature controller controls the heating pipe for continuous heating or the heat of the gap so that the temperature in the box reaches a controllable purpose. The role of the blower is to make the air inside the oven horizontal or vertical convection cycle, so that the air inside the box blows to the electric heater after heating to the studio, and then by the studio inhaled fan and then blow to the electric heating tube, constantly Circulation heating also makes the temperature inside the oven more uniform, the hot air in the working chamber can heat the moist sample, and the water also becomes water vapor mixed with hot air due to heating.
One of the effects of blower fan is to circulate the air in the box, Role in does not affect the work under the condition of indoor temperature, from the unique design of the inlet air duct, the constant part of suction box outside fresh air into the heat cycle in the cabinet, the inhalation of a certain volume of external gas in the cabinet at the same time, the exhaust gas with the same volume of water vapor is discharged from the exhaust vent to achieve the purpose of drying.
At present, the circulation of conventional electric hot air oven generally has box (shell), electric heater, temperature controller, fan, wind convection circulating air duct, air inlet duct, air outlet duct and Outlet size adjustment devices and other components.

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