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How to distinguish the quality of the drying oven

First of all, from the structural point of view, the general oven case is made of cold-rolled steel, but the thickness difference is great. Due to the vacuum environment inside the vacuum drying oven, in order to prevent the atmospheric pressure from crushing the box, the thickness of the shell should be slightly larger than that of the blast drying oven. Generally, the thicker the steel is, the better the quality is and the longer the service life is. For the convenience of observation, there are glass windows in the cabinet door of the drying oven, usually with tempered glass and ordinary glass on the door.
From outside and inside, the oven of the liner has two options, one galvanized plate, the second is a mirror stainless steel. Galvanized sheet is easy to rust in the long-term use, which is not conducive to maintenance; Mirror stainless steel appearance is neat, easy to maintain, long service life, belong to the market upper grade of the inner bravery material, but the price is slightly higher than the galvanized sheet. The inner shelf of the sample shelf generally has two layers, according to customer requirements increase. Due to the quality of the sample frame is made of stainless steel, and increase the shelf against internal hot air circulation, increase the quality of the fan, so the cost of each plus a shelf is a few hundred.
Speaking of temperature, we have to talk about heat preservation and sealing. At present, the insulation material of domestic drying oven is mainly fiber cotton, and the few are polyurethane, and the following are different characteristics of the two materials. From insulation, polyurethane heat resistance and heat insulation effect are better than the cotton fiber, polyurethane can make the casing of high-temperature stability in a few hours, it is worth mentioning that polyurethane efficient thermal insulation performance can effectively prevent outside the box body temperature burns operator. Fiber cotton material oven temperature at high temperature, the temperature controller can only be kept under the control and regulation to maintain the stability of the temperature inside the drying oven, thus greatly increasing the fan and the controller's work intensity, thus reducing the service life of the oven.

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