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How to improve the sensitivity of the thermostatic water bath

Thermostatic water bath has the characteristics of internal and external circulation flow, Due to its large bottom area and high height, resulting in more serious water temperature unevenness, when the temperature uniformity is higher, it is necessary to join the circulation pump to force the water circulation to improve water temperature uniformity. At the same time, the thermostatic water bath increases the outer circulation function and greatly expands the use range. It’s applied in colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories and scientific research units for precise constant temperature and auxiliary heating.
In order to improve the sensitivity of the thermostat, the following six points should be noted in order to improve the sensitivity of the thermostat.
Thermostatic medium: the medium has good fluidity, high heat capacity, and high sensitivity.
Thermometer: its heat capacity is small, with large contact surface temperature medium, mercury and platinum wire capillary wall adhesion between the small, high sensitivity.
Heater: the smaller the heating power, the higher the sensitivity.
Agitator: the mixing speed should be large enough to make the temperature of the thermostatic medium as consistent as possible.
Parts location: Heater placed near the blender, the heat quickly spread to all parts. Thermometer to be placed near the heater, is there any special requirement for the temperature and heating voltage of the water in the cryogenic temperature water tank?
The water temperature in the tank should not be too different from the room temperature to reduce the cooling rate of the environment; the heating voltage can’t be too small or too large. Otherwise, it will make the cooling rate is too large, the heating rate is too large and large inertia, making temperature sensitivity decreases. Heating voltage is too small will make the system temperature is relatively low for a long time or less than the set temperature.

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