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The decontamination method of biosafety cabinet

Biological safety cabinet as a common laboratory equipment, which is widely used in medical and health, food hygiene, biological pharmacy, environmental monitoring and other fields. Its main purpose is to ensure biosafety and environmental safety. Therefore, biosafety cabinet in the decontamination has more need to pay attention to:
Place a moderate amount of formaldehyde (the final concentration of the low polyformaldehyde in the air in the cabinet is 80%) in an electric hot pan or a frying pan (outside of the cabinet); In addition, an electric hot plate or frying pan with 10% more carbonic acid will be placed inside the cabinet (outside the cabinet).
The second container should be covered, and the lid can be removed from a distance (for example, on a single line that can be pulled out of the cabinet). This minimizes pre-neutralized paraformaldehyde. If the relative temperature is lower than 70%, open container with hot water.
If you don't have a front partition, use a raw plastic baffle to tape your front face to ensure that no gas leaks into the room. Turn off the switch when the low polyformaldehyde in the disk has been switched on or off for an hour. Place the biosafety cabinet one night without touching.
Remove the cover of the second plate and open its switch. Ammonia bicarbonate begins to evaporate. At this time, turn off the plate switch, let the biosafety cabinet to work, the hydrogen carbonate ammonia cycle for 1 hour. Finally, you can remove the front partition (or plastic baffle), safety cabinet can be used.
Biological safety cabinet may remain a certain amount of dirt after use, you must be more heart for decontamination. Residues from dirt can affect the results of your next experiment, so be sure to double-check your cabinet for dirt after each experiment and then dispose of it in a timely manner.

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