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How to deal with the lack of water about Humidity chamber

First of all, you need to identify the cause of the problem and then the right medicine. Open the studio door in the upper right corner will see that there are so few parts, over-temperature protection, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, wet bulb, the normal order should be arranged in this way, but some of the more powerful manufacturers will be able to assemble the over-temperature protection and temperature sensors on a sensor. There is an only temperature sensor, humidity sensor, wet bulb tube in the chamber, and the humidity gauze is hung in the state of humidity sensors, the bottom is directly immersed in the wet bulb, if there is a drop of water, it can be observed by opening the door.
1. Check the waterway, It is necessary to observe whether the water inlet valve is too large, resulting in too much water. If so, the water valve can be turned minor directly.
2. Check the setting frequency of the water replenishing time and avoid the excessive amount of water replenishing. If this is the case, it can increase the time between the filling water and reduce the frequency.
3. Inspection on laboratory ground whether level off, the tilt Angle is also leading to wet bulb water imbalance makes the water drops down, just put the device moved to a flat on the ground to use.
4. Check whether Humidity chamber on the right side of the sea water box is too high, preventing too much water into the water, at this time need to adjust the water level box, for this situation suggest that when adjusting the water level box, it’s best to communicate with professional technical engineers to deal with again to avoid the adverse consequences of equipment malfunction.

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