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How to operate biosafety cabinet bacteria preparation experiment

1. Remove the strain from the refrigerator in advance and wipe the surface with disinfectant. The base tube sterilization was used to prevent the sterilization of 5ml of the soybean soybean. Configuration disinfectant; Open the biosafety cabinet fan operation;
2. Use hand sanitizer wipe, then use disinfectant disinfection, rival with overhand apply disinfectant wipes in biological safety cabinet, the strains and remove kraft paper tube, disinfectants, medium of equipment in biological safety cabinet in place, the window closed biological safety cabinet, irradiation of ultraviolet run 30 minutes for surface disinfection, close uv after 300 minutes, 30 minutes to remove particles on the surface of the object of the fan operation.
3. After 30 minutes, open the safety line of the front window of the biosafety cabinet, take the gloves, place the hand in the appropriate position, and wipe the hand with the alcohol cotton ball to dry. Avoid violent shaking and air flow during internal operation; Left hand hold strains bevel pipe with medium, face up, right hand take a vaccination ring, with the right hand little finger and ring finger down tube plug respectively, from the slope by inoculating loop pick a ring of moss, then don't go to the wall of vaccination in the liquid culture. After sterilizing the test tube, test tube and other instruments, the biosafety cabinet will be cleaned by disinfectant, and the Biological safety cabinet will be shut down after 30 minutes. Cant strains in vitro in 30-35 ℃ biochemical cultivation in 18 to 24 h. To sterilize other instruments and strains of bacteria.

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