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How is drying technology applied in the pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry of China, spray technology is widely used, especially in the field of oral solid preparation, which is often used in high-heat sensitive drugs and liquid materials to decompose the drying of drugs. The products have fine particle size, uniformity, fluidity and solubility.

The basic flow of spray drying
The liquid is atomized by the atomizer, dispersing into the dry cavity of small droplets. Meanwhile, the heating gas is fed into the heater by the blower and then enters the drying oven. The liquid droplets and hot gas are fully mixed and exposed in the drying chamber. The liquid in the droplet evaporates into a gas, and the material is dried into tiny particles.
The mixed gas-solid two phase is absorbed by the fan into the cyclone separator. The two phases are separated and the solid material is deposited to the bottom of the collector. The gas phase is sent to the dust filter to capture the escaping material. After the filter gas is cooled by condensing condenser, the gas phase carries the solvent into the liquid, which can be collected and applied. As the carrier gas is dried, the gas is recycled in the system.

Characteristics and classification of spray dryer
Spray dryer is a drying equipment that directly dries the solution or suspension into solid particles. The dry products can be directly obtained from the material liquid, which can save evaporation, crystallization, separation and crushing, etc., can be continuous, automatic production and stable operation. Using this drying method, the surface area of the gas and solid in the spray dryer is large, and the drying time is short, which is suitable for dry heat-sensitive materials. The dry products are of good quality and can obtain 30 ~ 50 mu of microparticles, which are good in fluidity and solubility. The disadvantage is that the drying box is large and the heat transfer coefficient is low, resulting in low thermal efficiency and high power consumption.
There are many kinds of classification methods of spray dryer, which can be divided into flow type, countercurrent type and mixed flow according to the flow of air flow. According to the way of installation of the atomizer, it can be divided into upper and lower spray type. The structure of the atomizer can be divided into centrifugal, pressure and air flow. According to whether the heating gas cycle can be divided into open, partial circulation and closed.

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