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What is the effect of the overtemperature protection of the hot air oven

The old dry box products adopt mechanical thermostat and do not have overtemperature protection. So suggest users generally use the intelligent temperature control to control temperature, at the same time with WenBao switch as separate overtemperature protector to overtemperature limit of products, obviously in safety be increased a lot of reliability.
So how does that work?
Before starting the machine, turn the knob of the winder switch clockwise to the limit. Then press the instruction to set up the steps. Otherwise, it is possible to turn on the alarm and cut off the power. You need to turn off the power supply, adjust the thermostat switch and start up again.
If the temperature of the hot air oven is not reached at the temperature of the set of the instrument, the electric bell will ring and turn off, then the adjustment of the temperature protection switch is lower than the setting temperature of the instrument. You also need to turn off the power and reset the thermostat switch.
If the temperature of the studio after startup exceeds the set temperature of the meter, the overtemperature electric bell does not ring. At this time, the user will need to follow the instructions of the method to make careful adjustment of the temperature protection switch. In this way, the thermostat can be used to cut off the power supply when it is out of control, to protect the products and equipment and avoid the purpose of major accidents.

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