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What are the advantages of the soil drying oven

The box is divided into 24 independent sample rooms, separating the samples to prevent cross contamination. The sample room is made of stainless steel. It avoids chemical corrosion and organic adsorption. It is easy to clean. The sample room has a transparent viewing window to facilitate the customer to observe the sample status at any time. The sample room can be matched with a tray, the soil drying box can directly place the ordinary soil sample, and can also place the water channel sediment contour of the sample. Using air perturbation technique, the indoor air flow is simulated, and the indoor environment can be used to achieve the goal of rapid air drying. The inner gallbladder is made of mirror stainless steel. Corners of semicircle easy to clean, soil drying oven with advanced air filtration and adsorption technology, prevent secondary cross contamination of samples, heated air drying technology, improve the efficiency of the dried sample, reasonable air duct and circulatory system, make temperature evenness variation is small.
Suitable for flexible LCD, USES the level of supply air temperature difference is small, dual show temperature control table and solid state relay no WenChong non-contact temperature control precision, an optional program temperature controller PID self-tuning temperature control, solid state relay non-contact temperature control, to meet the requirements of any curing curve. The upper and lower case of the soil drying box is the rectangular box with the insulation layer, the upper case and the lower case are connected by hinge, and the other side can be combined with the function of the cylinder. Open when opening up to 600 mm. Several groups of longitudinal air pipes are fixed to the upper and lower cases, and equipped with a series of air-floating nozzle. The hot air enters the nozzle through the air ducts and shoots at a relatively oblique direction at 40 meters per second. In energy saving and safety of the products, the use of national economic committee on promotion of energy conservation and environmental protection heating new technology, when it is absorbed by the heated object can be converted into heat energy, thereby gaining rapid drying effect, to shorten the production cycle, save energy, improve product quality, etc.

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