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which aspects that biochemical incubator used to notice

1. The biochemical incubator is installed as far as possible in the place where the temperature and humidity change less, and use three-pin plug? The socket should be properly grounded.

2. Before starting the biochemical incubator, it should be fully familiar with and understand the instructions of each component, the instrument and the correct method of use.
3. Do not contain volatile chemical solvents? The explosive gas and combustible gas are placed in the box, and the flammable spray can not be used near the incubator. In case of spark ignition.
4. Often check air leakage phenomenon.
5. The biochemical incubator has a power failure protection function, so the compressor will be restarted for about a minute and a half after the machine stops, so as to better protect the compressor.
The distance between the condenser and the wall should be greater than 100mm, and the side of the box should be 50mm. The top of the box should be at least 300mm space, ensuring good heat dissipation.
7. The biochemical incubator should avoid collision and shake vibration during handling, maintenance and maintenance, and the maximum inclination should be less than 45 degrees.
8. The power supply switch on the rear of the equipment should be turned off when it is not used for a long time. ? In the meantime, the biochemical incubator should avoid opening frequently to keep the temperature stable while keeping the dust from entering the work room.
9. The inside and outside of the box shall be kept clean daily, and should be cleaned after each use. In the long run, it is necessary to wipe the walls of the tank and the surface of the equipment to keep the glass transparent. Do not use acid, alkali or other corrosive solution to wipe the surface.
10. Turn off the power switch after training. If you do not take out the experimental sample at once, please do not open the door.
11. The biochemical incubator should not be used in abnormal conditions such as high voltage, high current, strong magnetic field and so on. Biochemical incubator is widely used in the cultivation and preservation of bacteria, mold, microorganism, tissue cells, water quality analysis and BOD test, suitable for breeding experiment and plant cultivation.

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