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The mainstream of the hot air oven industry.

The hot air oven adopts electric heating method to carry out the drying test of the drum wind. The drying of the drum is to blow out the hot air through the circulating fan to ensure the temperature balance in the box.
Hot air oven product of high science and technology, will become instrumentation technology and property of the mainstream in the future, in recent years, environmental testing equipment, industrial control, instrumentation, and electric control, the development of analytical instruments, instrumentation class gradually clear, especially the rapid rising of environmental chamber occupies one of the mainstream status in instruments and meters. The setting and situation, hot air drying oven is put forward from time to time with a higher, newer, more requirements, such as faster, loose degrees higher, invariance, sample amount less, better even nondestructive detection of micro damage, higher temperatures, evenness and more accurate, etc.
This also provides a strong impetus for the development of instrument and instrument technology and property, and has become the foundation for the further development of instruments, common sense and skills. It can be said that the modern electric hot air drying box products have become the most typical high-tech products. Not only more mechanized, collect, intelligent, utility to agile, and because a lot of application of high and new science skills seminar, interdisciplinary comprehensive design, advanced manufacturing skills and strict scientific practice use, therefore makes it is moving toward more high speed, more active, more secure, more simple access to analyze, test, control object an all-round information bias for progress.
Through the above analysis we can see that the high science and technology is not only the primary characteristics of modern electrothermal blowing, and the only way is to revive the instrument industries, and the development of the instrument and its property in the new century mainstream. With the passage of time, the process of measuring and controlling the drying oven presents a serious turning point and precious opportunity.

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