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What drying oven is used for vegetable and fruit drying?

The difference between the heat pump drying equipment and the traditional hot air drying is that the air circulation is different, and the air in the drying chamber is wet in different ways. Heat pump drying drying technology is the use of refrigerant in the evaporator vacuum evaporation, the evaporator surface temperature is lower than the indoor air dew point, the endothermic temperature picks up after discharge in dry state, mixed with into indoor air, which reduces the indoor air humidity, achieved the purpose of drying dehydration.
At present, the dehydrated vegetable production mostly adopts the traditional drying method -- the drying method of drying oven is heated by the fire way, which has the following problems:
1. The heating temperature is too high. Traditional process drying technology, heating temperature is not easy to control.
2. The drying time is too long, and occasionally it is reheated and dried due to the poor drying effect.
3. Great energy consumption. The traditional drying process, the thermal efficiency is low, the dry material takes away the heat and the dryer heat loss more.
And drying oven price have dehydrated vegetable production line, no noise pollution, environmental protection, save operating cost, dry materials in the process of deformation, discoloration, not bad, dry thoroughly, less loss of nutrients, therefore has been widely applied to the tobacco drying, dragon fruit, raisins, litchi, longan, slag, red jujube, walnut, Chinese wolfberry, etc. Because this process USES the air circulation, the heating temperature is low, the drying time is short, the capacity is large. Therefore, the heat pump drying process consumes less energy and is a good energy-saving product.

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