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What is the development trend of China's grain drying oven?

According to statistics, China's grain harvested in threshing, drying, storage, transportation, processing and consumption in the process of losses as high as 18%, far more than the standard of the United Nations food and agriculture organization (fao) of 5%. The dry mechanization can reduce the grain loss to the lowest point, which is an important guarantee for the harvest.
In our country in such a populous country, food problem has always been a top priority, although now the country has basically solved the food problem, but in the face of the situation of population growth and land collapse, food problem has aroused the concern of the world and the Chinese government attaches great importance to.
In view of the current situation of drying equipment in China and the demand of the rural market, some industry experts have pointed out that the development of drying oven price in China will show six development trends.
1. It is the production capacity of the dryer to the large-scale development. In view of this situation, in the future, the product manufacturer needs to develop processing capacity of 20 tons -30 tons of equipment per hour.
2. It is to design equipment that will reduce high moisture grain to safety standard at a time. In this respect, there are two ways can choose: the combined drying method is adopted, the two drying methods of drying units above the synthesis of a new drying technology, from the point of the current world grain drying technology development, it is a trend; Design high efficiency grain flash dryer.
3. The application of advanced measurement and control technology to realize the development of automatic or semi-automatic drying process.
4. It is capable of high temperature and fast processing of large quantities of high-moisture grains.
5. Research on coal as energy. In this regard, the indirect efficient and energy-saving dryer is still the main direction of its industrial development.
6. Rural grain drying oven should be developed in a small and multi-functional direction.

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