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Vacuum oven leak detection and solution

[Abstract]: What to do with the leakage of vacuum drying oven? For example, the degree of vacuum oven pulled to the required degree of vacuum, the vacuum will be reduced after a while, for the vacuum valve and vacuum tube, this status shows that the vacuum drying oven leaks, the vacuum oven need to leak Gas investigation and maintenance.

Vacuum drying oven is widely used biochemistry, chemical pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare, agricultural scientific research, the research and application fields such as environmental protection, for drying, baking powder, and the use of disinfection and sterilization of all kinds of glass containers. It is especially suitable for quick and efficient drying treatment of dry heat sensitive, easy decomposition, oxidation and complex components. So what should we do about a vacuum oven? For example, vacuum desiccant is drawn to the required vacuum degree. After a while, the vacuum will be reduced, and the vacuum valve and vacuum tube will be replaced. The current situation will show that the vacuum drying chamber is leaking!
The most difficult to troubleshoot is the internal leakage, you need to pour some water inside the oven, and then turn off the door vacuum, and then flip the box if there is a bubble in the air position is the point, if the conditions of TIG welding Weld it. There are other ways: in the vacuum furnace into the nitrogen in the possible leakage of place to put the foam if there is a continuous expansion of the bubble that there is a gap; The other option is to prepare water barrels of washing powder and syringes, syringes with you think may place washing powder injection water leakage, observe carefully if there is a bubble point injection site for funnelled proved this point.
If the cabinet door seal a little bit tight, as long as the negative pressure in the vacuum oven to a certain extent is no problem. First draw a vacuum to see whether the negative pressure gauge can reach a standard atmospheric pressure, if the pointer changes slowly in the pumping process, try pushing the door inside to see if it can be pumped to a vacuum, if you can draw a vacuum, as long as Tighten the door a few laps just fine. If you push the door by hand is not enough words. It is very likely that the screws fixing the heating block on the tank are loose, and the tailgate needs to be disassembled. (Please wear gloves and masks during the disassembly process. The general insulation surface uses silicate substances and it will come in contact with the skin. Uncomfortable) and then find the original heating after the fixed block heating screws to tighten again.
Above is the Guangzhou Kenton to share with you all today, if you want to know more about the contents of the vacuum oven or the intention to purchase customers, you can call Guangzhou Kenton hotline at any time!

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