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How to use high temperature drying oven

High-temperature drying ovens also called high-temperature ovens, which are ovens whose temperature is higher than 300 degrees Celsius, because when the oven temperature is higher than 300 degrees Celsius, it has a great requirement for the material of the oven itself, which is much higher than the requirements of the low-temperature oven. High-temperature drying oven can be used for drying, baking, melting wax, sterilization and solidification for industrial and mining enterprises, medical institutions, research institutes, universities, and colleges.
The use of high-temperature drying oven:
1. Before power, check the electrical performance of the oven, and should pay attention to whether there is a short circuit or leakage phenomenon.
2. All is ready, you can put the sample, close the door.
3. first close the switch in the distribution box, and then open the front of the oven power switch, the instrument green light, temperature control table has a temperature display, the top of the red number for the box temperature, the lower green number for the set temperature, for adjustment, Press the up/down key to adjust to the desired temperature, and press the set key to complete setting.
4. Open the fan switch, the oven blower motor starts working.
5. Turn on the heating switch. The heating tube in the oven starts to heat. As the temperature in the box rises, the temperature display table can display the measured temperature value in time. When the setting value is reached, the oven stops heating and the temperature gradually decreases; when the setting value is reduced, the meter turns to the green light and the box heats up. The cycle can keep the temperature near the set value.
6. Program setting: The oven has a program temperature raising function. Before working, please follow the process requirements, input the heating curve into the temperature control table and start heating. The oven will automatically cut off the heating after the automatic working procedure according to the set curve. Ensure unattended device safety.
7. Over-temperature alarm function: The oven has an over-temperature alarm function, if you encounter an abnormal situation, the box temperature exceeds the set temperature of 20 °C, the buzzer alarm, and automatically cut off the heating.
8. The contents should not be too crowded in the box so that the convection of the hot and cold air is free from obstruction, so as to keep the temperature inside the chamber uniform.

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