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The basic knowledge of hot air circulation oven and the method of purchasing

The hot air circulation oven air circulation system adopts a fan circulation air supply mode, and the air circulation is even and efficient. The wind source is driven by the circulating air motor (with no contact switch) to drive the wind wheel through the heater, and the hot air is sent out, then through the air duct to the oven chamber, and then the used air suction air channel becomes the wind source for recirculation. Ensure indoor temperature uniformity. Hot air circulation ovens generally have heating tubes, and the ovens with circulating fans can be called hot air circulation ovens, because regardless of the structure of the oven, the wind direction is vertical, and in the final analysis, hot air is circulated inside, so it can be called a hot air circulation oven. Such as electric blast oven, open door high-temperature sterilization oven and so on. This is a major feature of the hot air circulation oven. It has a high safety effect and can be controlled according to own requirements for the operation.
At the same time, the hot air circulation oven in the same industry equipment has two significant characteristics:
1. The oven has internal circulation function, high thermal efficiency, and energy conservation.
2. With forced ventilation, there is an air duct in the oven and the materials are evenly dried.
In terms of appearance, the larger the volume, the stronger the production capacity. However, this factor is not a decisive factor in determining the production capacity. It is also related to the size of electric heating power, the characteristics of production materials, and the maximum production space, at the time of purchase. Can’t be blindly purchased, virtual understanding of the requirements of the company or production before the comparison of the parameters required for comparison enough to buy, you can’t objectively determine the production capacity by size and function, the higher the cost of purchase, the size of production capacity by some factors.
The hot air oven is mainly used in the drying, heating and heat treatment of product test articles by industrial and agricultural production, scientific research, medical and health, laboratory and other units. Note: This unit is not suitable for volatile, flammable and explosive items.

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