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What if the temperature is too high?

Too much temperature overshoot means that when the temperature of the studio exceeds the set temperature by more than 5°C during the first power-on, the temperature is gradually lowered and stabilized at the set temperature. Some pharmaceutical, biological, chemical, food, and electronics industries are more sensitive to this phenomenon.
Although there is no temperature overshoot limit indicator in the hot air oven standard, our company takes the user's opinion very seriously. Electrical circuits have been specifically designed to meet this requirement. With the continuous improvement of control technology, the temperature overshoot of our hot air oven has generally been controlled below 2~3°C. With fine tuning, the meter reading in the ideal state does not even show temperature overshoot.
It is impossible to completely eliminate temperature overshoot. There are ways to make the temperature overshoot to an acceptable level. For users who have previously purchased old-fashioned (bit control instrumentation) products, here are 3 ways to choose from:
1 Two-stage heating method; first set the temperature of the instrument at a temperature difference from the required temperature of 5-10 °C (specifically, how much more appropriate, the user can determine according to the ambient temperature and the number of samples at that time), after the stability of the instrument temperature again Set at the required drying temperature.
2 Empty box constant method; the first empty box to the temperature of the studio and stabilized at the required drying temperature, and then quickly put the sample into the studio. This approach should pay attention to protect the operator from burns. More attention should be paid to the new danger that the volatiles of the baked product may be generated due to the high volatilization rate.
3 Guangzhou Kenton newly launched hot air oven, all using intelligent temperature control instruments, stainless steel liner. It has the advantages of the new shape, small temperature, and simple operation.

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