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How to cultivate seaweed with artificial climatic chamber

Spirogyra is an important plant in algae and can often be found in freshwater areas such as ponds and paddy fields. To study the characteristics of Spirogyra, researchers usually organize tissue culture in artificial climate chambers.
In the spring and autumn when the growth is prosperous, large pieces grow on the bottom of the water or float on the surface of the water, which is generally available throughout the year. In the experimental teaching, it was very clear to observe the morphology and cell structure of the algae by using the wild cotton collected from the field. However, it was very difficult to look for the joint reproduction of the sponge by directly loading the collected material.
In order to ensure the accuracy of the experimental results, the artificial climatic chamber mainly assisted the experiment through the low-temperature induction method and the frozen treatment method. Place 1 or 2 layers of water-absorbing filter paper on the washed Petri dishes and add a small amount of distilled water to moisten the filter paper. There should be no stagnant water in the Petri dishes. Fresh algae and spores collected from the field were then spread thinly on the filter paper in the Petri dish and the lid was covered. Incubate at 4 to 5 e at low temperatures in an intelligent light incubator or a common refrigerator-freezer.  During the cultivation process, care should be taken to keep the filter paper moist. When it is dry, it should be moistened with distilled water in time. After washing with a plastic cup, 1/2 volume of distilled water was added to immerse fresh algae spores collected in the field into the water in the glass. The refrigerator was frozen in a freezer to form ice cubes, which were naturally melted at room temperature. Take a little of the treated sponges into a beaker filled with distilled water, or spread the treated hydrophytes onto a petri dish covered with moist filter paper. In about 1 week, the experimental materials for the reproductive material of the water can be obtained.

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