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The selection of hot air circulation oven should be taken into consideration

There are several factors to consider when purchasing a hot air circulation oven:
1, Consider the size of the hot air circulation oven: refers to the production capacity, from the aspect of appearance, the larger the volume, the stronger the production capacity, the higher the purchase cost, the size of the production capacity is composed of some factors, such as: electric heating power size, The characteristics of production materials and the maximum production space.
2. Pay attention to the type of material: The type of material determines the structure and characteristics of the hot air circulation oven, such as the material is powdery, can’t use hot air circulation oven, vacuum drying oven series can be used (wind may discharge the material with the wind Hot air circulation oven). Again, materials that are not high-temperature resistant are worth noting.
3, According to the characteristics of their own materials to choose the right structure: a hot air oven air circulation system using fan circulation airway, uniform, and efficient air circulation. The wind source is driven by the circulating air motor (with no contact switch) to drive the wind wheel through the heater, and the hot air is sent out, then through the air duct to the oven chamber, and then the used air suction air channel becomes the wind source for recirculation and heating. Ensure indoor temperature uniformity. When the temperature value swings due to the opening and closing of the door, the air circulating system quickly returns to the operating state until it reaches the set temperature. Hot air circulation oven Structure type: The air supply method of the hot air circulation oven is divided into horizontal air supply and vertical supply, according to the characteristics of their own materials to choose the appropriate structure.
4, The choice of materials: In all drying equipment, the choice of production materials is a direct response to the purchase price of the main factors, different materials, prices are often very different, the price of stainless steel, iron, metal plate is very different, Including different kinds of stainless steel, the price is also different.
5. The relationship between the choice of the hot air circulation oven temperature range and the use of temperature.
The use of temperature below 290 °C, it is recommended to choose the oven temperature range of RT +10 ~ 300 °C; when the use temperature between 300 °C ~ 450 °C, please Choose a high-temperature oven (drying oven) with a temperature of 500°C; use a high-temperature oven with a temperature of 600°C, when the temperature is between 450°C and 560°C.
6. The temperature uniformity of the hot air circulating oven is an important performance. It is also an important indicator to determine the quality of an oven. In the constant temperature stage of the oven, although the temperature of the control instrument is generally relatively stable, the temperature of each point in the box is different, which will cause the samples in different positions to be heated differently.

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