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Maintenance of drying oven

The maintenance of the oven and the oven is a very careful process. We must treat our children the same care, and this is the wisdom of the producers. Learn to maintain your machinery and use it for your long-term production. The general oven and oven maintenance are divided into two parts, the inside and outside oven maintenance and the electrical control box.
. The maintenance of the box part
1. Use a soft cloth to clean the surface of the box regularly, keep it clean and sanitary, and prevent the surface coating from affecting the appearance.
2. The interior of the workroom should also be wiped regularly to prevent corrosive substances from adhering to the liner and affect its service life.
3. Check regularly whether the vents are blocked or not, and regularly clean up the accumulated dust so as to ensure smooth ventilation of the air ducts.
4. Regularly check whether the lock is tight. If it is loose, replace it to ensure tightness.
5. Regularly check whether the fan is running normally and whether there is any abnormal sound. If there is an immediate machine check, avoid burning the motor.
6, Regular inspection of the heating pipe for damage, whether the lineaging.
7. After the high-temperature baking items, the total switch can’t be turned off immediately, and the fan switch should be turned on so that the heat can be emitted before it can be turned off to avoid the local heat deformation of the oven.
II. Maintenance of electrical control box
1. The electric control box should be overhauled regularly. Due to the frequent on-off of the electric contactor, it should be replaced regularly to prevent the contacts from being burned to death. The electric power supply cannot be cut off, and rising temperatures in the furnace will spoil the product.
2. Check the thermostat regularly for accuracy. If it is not accurate, adjust the static compensation or sensor correction or replacement of the thermostat.
3. Sudden power failure. Turn off the power switch and the heating switch to prevent it from automatically starting up when the call is made.

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