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The advanced technology and characteristics of vacuum drying oven

The vacuum drying oven is designed to dry heat-sensitive, easily decomposable and easily oxidized materials. It can be filled with inert gas, and especially some complex materials can be quickly dried. Widely used in the pharmaceutical, electronics and chemical industries.
1. Compared with ordinary drying which depends on air circulation, the powder sample will not be blown or moved by flowing air;
2. The vacuum environment greatly reduces the boiling point of the liquid that needs to be removed, so vacuum drying can be easily applied to heat-sensitive substances;
3. Safer use - in the vacuum or inert conditions, completely eliminate the possibility of thermal explosion of oxides;
4. All kinds of complicated mechanical parts or other porous samples are cleaned and vacuum-dried. After drying completely, no residual material is left.
5. For samples that are not easy to dry, such as powders or other granular samples, the use of vacuum drying can effectively shrink;
6. Vacuum drying oven control features: due to a power outage, dead status data protection and protection of the parameters of memory, call recovery.
7. The temperature control sensor adopts the capacitor original imported components;
8. The machine studio for the cuboid structure, so that the maximum effective volume, box doors using toughened, bullet-proof double glass doors, so that observation studio culture items can make users at a glance;
9. The inner tank of the box is made of mirror stainless steel plate or drawing board with argon arc welding. The shell is made of high-quality cold rolled steel plate, and the shape is beautiful and novel.
10. The door can be completely loosened by the user and can be arbitrarily adjusted by the user. The integrally formed silicone rubber door seal ensures high vacuum inside the oven.
11. The local temperature control system using microcomputer technology, temperature control, timing, over-temperature alarm
12. Adopting the domestic first streamline arc design, the shell is made of cold-rolled steel plate, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed;
13. Imported motor and wind blades;
14. Displayed as dual-screen high-brightness digital tube display, accurate and intuitive indication, superior performance, touch-button set adjustment parameters;
15. The insulation system adopts ultra-fine glass fiber filled insulation area, and non-metallic high-temperature materials are used in the internal and external biliary joints to effectively reduce the temperature conduction;
16. Storage, heating, testing, and drying are all carried out in an environment without oxygen, so it is not oxidized;

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