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Daily maintenance and management of oven

Daily management of dry oven
You need a daily maintenance of oven for using a long time, according to their own time, daily maintenance is different, I will explain to you the following methods of our daily maintenance:
1. Clean the surface of some stains and dust, keep the machine clean and sanitary
2. Check whether the current is normal. If there is any problem, please notify the maintenance worker to repair it.
3: if a power failure occurs, turn off the power immediately, in case the call starts automatically.
4. Check whether the fan operation is normal and abnormal.
Temperature control system characteristics.
1. The oven adopts the national key energy-saving protection heating technology. It is connected to the power supply and uses the electric heating tube to generate heat so that the drying effect can be quickly achieved, and energy saving and product quality improvement can be achieved.
2. The drying oven is the use of electric heating wire compartment heating can make the object to achieve a rapid drying effect, it is more suitable for a high-temperature range of 5 ~ 300 °C baking, drying, heat treatment and so on.
Oven Structure Introduction
1: The design of the oven is beautiful. The oven uses CNC machine tools to process finished products and is easy to use.
2: There is a double-glazed glass observation window for observation work.
3: The liner is made of high-quality mirror stainless steel, and the shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel, which makes it look more clean and beautiful.
4: The high-end open circuit system is used to facilitate daily maintenance and repair.
5: The air circulation system adopts low noise, and the long-life air-conditioning type adopts a fan imported from the United States. The wind theory is a multi-wing type maple leaf rotation. The hot air circulation system can continuously run at high temperature and consist of fans and air ducts. The uniform internal temperature during operation will not cause adverse machine reaction.

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