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Application field and classification of hot air circulation oven

I. The application field of hot air circulation oven
Today, the hot air circulation oven can be regarded as an indispensable chemical equipment in our life and work. With the continuous development of an economy, the continuous progress of science and technology is promoted. In order to meet the needs of the market, hot air circulation ovens are used to satisfy the market. The demand has appeared in some ovens for professional use.
Let's take the hot air oven. The hot air circulation oven is suitable for baking chemical gases and food products to be baked, ink curing, paint film drying, etc., widely used in electronics, motors, communications, electroplating, plastics, metal chemicals, instruments, printing, pharmaceuticals, PC boards, powder, impregnation, spraying, glass, wood building materials, etc., precision baking, drying, tempering, preheating, shaping, processing, etc.; internal thermal cycle, The baking items are heated evenly. Hot Air Oven can be regarded as a new type of special oven suitable for the market needs produced for chemical gas and food processing.
. Classification of hot air oven.
1) The hot air circulation oven can be divided into electronic industry special oven; Special oven for instrument and instrument industry; Special oven for plastics and rubber industry; Special oven for electrical equipment industry; Special oven for electroplating industry; Special oven for printing industry; Special oven for glasses industry; Special oven for pharmaceutical industry; Special oven for textile printing and dyeing industry; Special oven for machinery industry; Special oven for synthetic fiber industry; Special oven for wood industry; Special drying oven for friction materials.
2) CT and CTC series hot-air circulation oven can be divided into the programmable baking oven, precision oven filled nitrogen oven, vacuum oven, explosion-proof oven, electric drying oven, hot air circulation oven, etc. Hot air circulation oven is widely used in all industries to dry heating components.
3) The hot air oven is divided into two types: horizontal oven and vertical oven.
The hot air oven shell is made of thin steel plate, surface paint, and the workshop is made of high-quality steel plate. The shell and the workshop are filled with aluminum silicate fiber. The heater is installed at the bottom and can be installed on top or both sides. The temperature control meter adopts the digital display smart meter, PID adjustment: the 999.99 hour time controller is configured and connected to the alarm device. Make the oven more convenient, quick and effective.

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