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How to use the oven safely?

1. The drying oven shall be kept at a clean level in the room to keep dry, moisture-proof and moisture-proof, and to prevent corrosion.
2. There must be a certain space for the oven to be placed. It is recommended that there should be a distance of more than 1 meter from the wall on all sides.
3. Check the voltage before use. The required voltage for the oven with a smaller volume is 220V. The voltage for the oven with a large volume is 380V (three-phase, four-wire). Install a power supply blade with enough capacity according to the power consumption of the oven, and select the appropriate power cord, the shell should also be grounded.
4. After the above work is ready, you can put the sample into the oven, and then connect the power, turn on the oven switch, oven with air blowing device, the fan must be turned on during heating and constant temperature, otherwise the temperature of the chamber will be uneven, long time can also damage the heating element. Then set the required temperature, the oven will enter the working state.
5. The arrangement of the baked goods should not be too dense, and no items should be placed on the bottom of the oven (heat sink) so as not to affect the circulation of hot air, and it is forbidden to bake flammable and explosive articles and volatile and corrosive articles.
6. Cut off the power after baking, and then open the studio door, remember that you can’t directly touch the baked goods, use a special tool or take insulated gloves to take baked goods to avoid burns.
7. Regularly clean the interior of the oven and keep it clean.
8. When using the oven, set the temperature can’t exceed the maximum temperature of the oven, see the product nameplate.
9. Customers with special requirements can purchase special ovens such as explosion-proof ovens and high-temperature ovens.

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