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A brief discussion on the maintenance of small Humidity chamber

With the increasing number of test materials, the laboratory space is limited, and the small-sized Humidity chamber has the same function and stability as the normal Humidity chamber. The appearance is small and exquisite, and the inner chamber is as large as the same volume of the test chamber, powerful, small footprint, exquisite workmanship and beautiful, general office and laboratory doors can go in. In recent years, Jerry's small-scale Humidity chamber has been deeply loved by new and old customers. The Humidity chamber is necessary reliability test equipment for the R&D department and quality inspection.
The advantages of small Humidity chamber for convenience and easy testing are applied to material tests in various industries (such as testing the strength of plastic products, metals, and foods in various environments). However, with the increase in the time, it has been used, various problems may occur in the Humidity chamber. In the event of a failure, we must promptly find the place where the failure occurred, and "prescribe the right medicine" can’t delay the test time. How to maintain a small Humidity chamber? The following is a technical editor for Guangzhou Kenton Technology Co., Ltd.:
1. First of all, you should be ready to repair the tools such as (multimeter, test pencil, combination screwdriver, needle nose pliers, vacuum pressure gauge, B-12 cylinder, refrigerant, add liquid pipe, welding tools, etc.).
2. Find the place where the failure occurred. Here we take the compressor failure as an example. When servicing, the following requirements should be met:
a: Check whether the dry filter exhaust is normal;
b: Check that the vacuum gauge pressure indicator is in a lowered state and is in a vacuum state. If it is not mentioned above, it should be stopped immediately. Check whether the pipeline, gas bottle, and pressure gauge are connected badly, causing the inlet pressure gauge to be in a vacuum state, or if the welding is defective. If the cause is clear and the fault is eliminated, the power supply can continue to be observed. Exhausting in this way can only eliminate most of the air in the capillary, evaporator, suction pipe and compressor of the system, and it is impossible to achieve the purpose of high vacuum of the system. Therefore, the maintenance is completed within a short period of time. Therefore, it is necessary to complete the maintenance in a short time to achieve the effect of vacuum.
3, In the maintenance of small-scale Humidity chamber, must be certain parts of welding, welding must be in accordance with the original location of welding can’t be shifted, otherwise, there may be a capillary obstruction, affecting the cooling effect.
In summary, only by mastering the procedures and methods for the maintenance of a small-scale Humidity chamber, it can be used in various tests of materials in future tests.
User satisfaction is the purpose of our service. Perfect after-sales service will relieve you of all worries. We firmly believe that a good company sells not only a good product but also a good service. Guangzhou Kenton Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for providing the following after-sales services to our products:
1. Technical training: Operation, routine maintenance, common fault detection and elimination
2. Regular return visits: equipment inspection, troubleshooting problems, passing the latest news
3 Spare parts, spare parts, special reserve support
4. After-sales service department provides a quick response to maintenance service
5. Full-time maintenance personnel to ensure timely and effective troubleshooting

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