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Teach you how to use the high temperature oven correctly?

High-temperature ovens are widely used in industrial, mining, scientific research, medical and health, jade processing and other units to dry, heat treatment and heating of test products, but not suitable for use, flammable and explosive materials, so as not to cause an explosion. Many companies produce this type of product, you will find a problem, most of the MAX temperature is below 300 degrees, and its technical indicators are not effective.

However, our company has made a big breakthrough in technology. This XCT model high temperature electric blast drying oven can reach up to 500 high temperature. Because of its technical advantages, this order is more and more, and the company's technicians are constantly improving. 

High temperature air blast drying oven-XCT structure:

The lower part of the product studio is equipped with stainless steel finned high temperature resistant heating tube, and the left side is equipped with a blower device. The temperature gauge controls the temperature constant and high and low. When working, the air flows in from the bottom inlet hole and is heated by the high temperature resistant heating tube. It flows into the working chamber through the air blowing device and is discharged from the top vent hole. There is glass fiber as insulation material between the studio and the outer casing, the outer casing is made of steel plate, the surface of the tank is sprayed, and the working chamber is made of high temperature resistant stainless steel plate. The use of high-quality finned heating tube, good heat dissipation effect, high sales rate. Double-layer insulation material door seal, effectively insulation and prevent heat loss, and effectively save energy.

Precautions for use:

1. Before powering on, please make sure that the switch is placed on the “off” file to check for open circuit or leakage.
2.due to the slight heating process during the first heating, so before the official use, it is recommended not to put the sample, close the door, unscrew the top of the box exhaust cover, turn on the power switch, set the temperature controller at 100 °C At this time, the temperature inside the box starts to rise. When the temperature rises to 100 °C, the temperature controller automatically thermostats, then the power can be cut off, and the door door can be cooled and smoked.
3. When using it officially, first place the sample on the shelf, close the door, unscrew the top exhaust cover, connect the power supply, turn on the power switch and set the temperature controller to the desired temperature. The temperature starts to rise until the temperature reaches the set temperature value.
4. the sample should not be too crowded during use, so as not to affect the convection inside the box. When placing the cabinet, please make the cabinet effectively grounded according to the regulations to ensure safe use. Do not touch the electrical circuit on the left side of the cabinet with your hand or wet cloth when energizing.
5. This series of drying ovens are non-explosion-proof products.
6.volatile, flammable and explosive materials, please do not put in the box to heat, to prevent explosion.

However, when using the Kenton high-temperature electric blast drying oven XCT, it is recommended to control the temperature below 450 °, which is for the machine to be used for a long time and to maintain the durability of the material, as well as safety.

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