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Why is the price of carbon dioxide incubator so different?

carbon dioxide incubator is the essential apparatus for immunology, oncology, genetics and bio-engineering. widely used in microorganisms, agricultural science, drug research and production.However, many people are confused, why the market price difference of carbon dioxide incubator is so big?

In fact, there are only two prominent reasons for this. The first is the brand factor, the second is the structure factor. Here are some price differences caused by the structure of the Kenton instrument HCP series.

CO2 incubator is made of SUS304 stainless steel cavity and microcomputer PID control system. the pure CO2 cylinder and stable CO2 reducing valve is required when use the machine.CO2 cylinder need to be prepared by users. the reducing valve will be involved to the machine, it is special co2 reducing valve, which can affect the accuracy of the CO2 density.

1)adopting new style carbon fiber yarn heating technology, heating fast and uniformity.
2)PT100 temperature sensor
3)Microcomputer PID control system, LED digital display.
4)Temp control circulation adopt over-temp alarm and cavity temp. Control. when the main control is out of work, the alarm circulation will work with acousto-optic alarm and prompt hint.
5)The special design for co2 circuit can provide fast recovery after opening the door (eg. When setting 5% co2 density, the recovery time ≤6mins; setting 10% co2 density, the recovery time ≤12mins)
6)Double door design, the outdoor is magnetic seal structure, glass door is with separated heating system to prevent frost of glass door.
7)High quality silicone door seal ensure excellent tightness.

The above structure composition, material, process, technology. Are the reasons that determine the price difference of products. Customers in the purchase of products, must be clear about the structure of the incubator. Try to choose the most suitable products at a reasonable price.

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