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Where have the manufacturer that produces Climate Simulation Chamber?

There are many manufacturers specializing in the production of Climate Simulation Chamber, Climate Simulation Chamber biological genetic engineering, medical treatment, health and epidemic prevention, drug testing, agriculture, animal husbandry and aquatic products and other scientific research institutions ideal test equipment. It is equipped with high-precision constant temperature and humidity light simulation test equipment for refrigeration, heating and illumination control, which can be used for plant cultivation, breeding test, cultivation and preservation of bacteria, molds and microorganisms, BOD determination of water body analysis and other constant temperature tests.
In the production of Climate Simulation Chamber manufacturers will generally have the following configuration: the shell USES high-quality cold-rolled steel plate spraying treatment, the inner shell USES SUS304 mirror stainless steel, the door USES the original insulation design; High quality carbon steel upper surface chrome-plated, adjustable position; The insulation system is filled with polystyrene foam; Refrigeration system is the use of fluorine-free refrigerant efficient energy-saving, integrated refrigeration system, each layer of protection; Heating system is the use of electric heating tube; Fan is brand axial flow fan, humidification system mainly USES electric humidification, humidity control stability; The temperature sensor is PT100 imported from Samsung; Humidity sensor is imported Honeywell humidity sensor.
Kenton instrument co., LTD., founded in 1999, is an entity enterprise specializing in the production of biological thermostatic equipment and experimental instruments. With an annual output of more than 20,000 units and an annual sales growth of 20%, it has become the largest and most influential instrument and equipment manufacturer in south China. At the same time, concord instrument products are exported to New Zealand, the United States, Canada, Spain and other places, popular with foreign customers, and establish a long-term relationship.

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