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Notes for use of mold incubator

Do you know what a mold incubator is for? In fact, mold incubator is a high-precision constant temperature equipment with cold and heat control, which is mainly used for plant culture, breeding test, cultivation and preservation of bacteria, molds and microorganisms, BOD determination of water analysis and other constant temperature tests. It is an ideal test equipment for scientific research institutions such as biological genetic engineering, medical treatment, health and epidemic prevention, drug testing, agriculture, animal husbandry and aquatic products.
Mold incubator in the use of the need to pay attention to the problem, the following details.

1. Invert and flat placement of incubators greater than 45 degrees is prohibited during transportation.

2. Do not change the set value frequently in use, so as not to overload the compressor and affect the service life of the equipment.

4. Two sets of fuses are installed on the upper part of the chassis. In case of failure during operation, please cut off the power supply first, check whether the fuses are intact, and then check other parts.

5. In order to maintain the appearance of the equipment, do not wipe the appearance with corrosion solution, dry cloth or alcohol can be wiped inside the box, keep the box clean.

6. When the equipment is not in use, keep the box dry and cut off the power.

7. In order to ensure even temperature in the box, check whether the axial fan in the oven is running normally. During the experiment, the articles in the oven should not be placed too close and do not block the air outlet of the fan, so as to facilitate the air circulation in the oven.

8. Do not touch, impact the temperature sensor in the oven, resulting in runaway temperature.

9. The product is equipped with refrigeration pressure relief device, and the refrigeration operation is in intermittent mode. When the refrigeration operation stops, it is normal to have solenoid valve absorption and refrigerant backflow sound.

10. If the equipment breaks down, please ask the professional staff to repair or contact the sales department of the factory.

The above is the use of mold incubator matters needing attention.

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