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Working principle and maintenance of high temperature electric blast drying oven

In daily life, many people will be exposed to high temperature electric blast drying oven, but this kind of drying oven is very useful. Suitable for all kinds of products, such as electrical, instrument, instrument, components, electronics, electrician and automobile, aviation, communication, plastics, machinery, chemical industry, food, chemicals, hardware tools, drying under constant temperature environment and all kinds of constant temperature adaptability test. Drying, heat treatment and heating of test products in laboratories of industrial and agricultural production, scientific research, medical and health care units, but not applicable to volatile, flammable and explosive items, so as to avoid causing explosions.
The lower part of the high temperature drying oven studio is equipped with stainless steel high temperature heating tube with fins, and the left side is equipped with air blowing device. The temperature meter controls the constant temperature and height. When working, air flows into the studio through the air inlet at the bottom of the oven. Glass fiber is used as insulation material between the studio and the shell. The shell is made of steel plate. The surface of the oven is sprayed with oil. Product quality certification, safe and reliable.

Daily maintenance of equipment:

1. The drying oven should always be kept clean. The door should be cleaned with soft cotton cloth.

2. If the drying oven is not used for a long time, it should be coated with neutral grease or vaseline on the electroplated parts to prevent corrosion, and covered with plastic film dust cover, put in a dry room to avoid the use of electrical appliances affected by damp.

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