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If the cell incubator fails, solve it with a few simple methods.

The cell incubator is suitable for the fields of cell culture, microorganism research, pathology and life science. The incubator consists of Q235 material shell, SUS304 stainless steel working chamber and microcomputer electronic control part.  When in use, carbon dioxide steel cylinder and carbon dioxide pressure reducing valve can be used to create a simulated environment identical to that of natural growth, and ALLHEAT™ inner cavity preheating technology is adopted to make detection of CO2 concentration more accurate.  Because carbon dioxide is used to culture cells, it is also called carbon dioxide incubator.
When the cell incubator fails, you can refer to the following solutions for operation.

1. plug in the power supply to turn on the power switch, equipment without any instructions
Ask an electrician to help solve the power supply problem of the customer.
Measure the resistance value between the input plug phase and zero of the incubator power cord with multimeter resistance file (close all switches of the panel and close the glass inner door). If the measured negative value is infinite, check whether the fuse at the rear of the box is fused, open the cover plate of the electrical control box, and check whether the switch insert piece falls off.

2. Plug in the power and turn on the power switch. The indicator light of the power switch of the equipment is on, but the LED is not displayed
Check all connectors and related wires against the electrical wiring diagram to see if they fall off and break.

3. the motor does not run
Check whether the glass inner door is tightly closed.  Press the CO2 function SET key to set the concentration to 5%, and observe whether the LED number of CO2 increases gradually. If the number increases, it can be judged that the door switch is normal.  Measure whether there is ~220V output between legs 17-18 of the control board.  If there is no output, the control board is broken, and if there is output, turn off the power supply to check the fan and related connection lines, and mail the accessories to solve the motor failure.

4. The rotor in the air flowmeter or carbon dioxide flowmeter does not rotate
Perhaps the flowmeter knob has not been turned.
Damage and judgment method of flowmeter: remove flowmeter, turn rotor upside down, otherwise it will be damaged.
Disassembling the side plate may block the tee joint.
If the gas regulator is damaged or the electromagnetic pump is damaged, judge whether the electromagnetic pump is faulty, and measure the voltage between legs 17-19 and whether there is an output of ~220V (the concentration display must reach the set value).  Some of the outputs are damaged by the electromagnetic pump, while none of the outputs are damaged by the control board.
The cylinder air pipe is not connected to the air inlet of the box or each regulating valve is not opened as required.

5. The premise for judging the difference between the display temperature of the control panel and the mercury thermometer in the box is as follows:
1. Mercury thermometers shall be measured after passing the inspection by the inspection department.
2, mercury thermometer measurement installation position, please hang the thermometer in the geometric center of the cavity position, can't directly on the diaphragm measurement.
Refer to the operating instructions for relevant parameter adjustment methods.

6.humidity cannot rise, or rise slowly
A, check the control panel and related instructions.
Check whether the temperature setting is above 5℃ above the ambient temperature, check whether the panel OUT is on, check whether there is ~220V output voltage between pins 17-21 of the control panel when the OUT lamp is on, and if there is output, proceed to the next step: the temperature switch and heater are damaged or the lead wire falls off, and check whether the heater is open (measured by multimeter resistance).
B, turn off the power supply, check whether the temperature switch is damaged (the temperature switch is normally closed), can use multimeter to check, disconnect at room temperature for damage.

7. LED for CO2 has no concentration indication
1. No concentration is set for CO2 function.
2. If the door switch is not closed, check whether the glass door is tightly pressed, and also check whether the fan is running.
3, the above are normal, judge the control board is bad.

8. Serious condensation occurred in the glass inner door during CO2 culture.
It can be judged that the door temperature is not heated
Measure whether there is ~220V output between legs 17-22 of control board.  Check the corresponding connection line for voltage output, and measure the resistance value of the door heater by the resistance method (normally about 500Ω), so as to judge, repair or replace the electric heating wire.  No voltage output is bad for the control board.

The above is the basic solution provided when the cell incubator breaks down. If you have any questions, you can contact Kenton Instruments for consultation. Our factory produces a large number of incubators. Welcome to buy.

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