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How much should the temperature of drying oven not exceed?

Drying oven is used for drying, baking, heat treatment, sterilization, thermostatic storage and so on, according to the different dry substances, divided into electric blast drying oven and vacuum drying oven two categories. However, the products of Kenton instrument can be divided into five categories: electric constant temperature drying oven, industrial drying oven, vacuum drying oven, high temperature air drying oven and agricultural products drying oven.
The dry service temperature on the market is generally below 200° c, and some parts can reach 250. According to the above classification, the drying oven of Kenton instrument is generally room temperature +5~250, and the high temperature oven can reach 500°. The service temperature of commonly used desiccant cannot exceed how many? Thus, different manufacturers have different parameters. 200°is a relatively conservative operating temperature.If not, read the instructions carefully. It will be more clearly explained. You can still go to the sales person if the manual is missing.
Kenton instrument has entered the drying oven industry since 1999. It is a professional manufacturer of drying ovenes. The drying oven adopts international advanced Allheat internal cavity preheating technology to provide a constant temperature environment with good stability and high cost performance. After 20 years of growth, a batch of products sold throughout the country and overseas.
The above is "commonly used drying oven temperature can not exceed much" content, welcome to factory cooperation!

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