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How to use the constant temperature drying oven safely?

Constant temperature drying oven is not common in daily life, generally used in laboratories, industry, biochemistry, school research units and so on. Then, how to use the constant temperature drying oven safely?
Take KH series constant temperature drying oven as an example, the studio is equipped with heating pipe, the rear is equipped with air blowing device, the temperature controller controls the temperature constant and high and low, the heating pipe is heated and the air blowing device circulates when working, and the temperature sensor is built in.
Refer to the following method, you can safely use the constant temperature drying oven.
1. Before power on, please make sure that the switch is put on the "off" file, check whether it is connected with circuit break or leakage, switch on the power, and turn on the power switch.
2. In use, the sample should not be placed too crowded, so as not to affect the convection in the oven. When placing the oven, please ensure that the oven is effectively grounded to ensure safety.
3. When heating up, please do not splash water on the inspection window of the cabinet door, so as to avoid the glass from being cold and easy to burst.
4. This drying oven is non-explosion-proof product.
5. Volatile, inflammable and explosive articles should not be put into the oven for heating in case of explosion.
6. When using, please unscrew the air door at the back of the oven according to the needs, so as to facilitate rapid drying.
Above is how to use the content of constant temperature drying oven safely, if have doubt, can consult our factory, kenton instrument welcome you!

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