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What are the features of the new 2019 electric heating incubator?

The new 2019 constant temperature incubator, also known as economic incubator, has been put on various platforms. Now Kenton will take you to know the characteristics of the new incubator, and what are the differences between the previous electric heating incubator.
1. Appearance reform, the new economic incubator 303-0c door plate adopts transparent door to make the inside of the incubator clear at a glance, while the previous small microbial incubator 303 series digital type, in the middle of the door there is an observation window made of tempered glass.
2. Switch position. Economic incubator 303-0c and small microbial incubator 303 are both digital display, but the new switch position is at the bottom, while the previous incubator is on the left.
3. Specifications. There is fiberglass insulation material between the incubator studio and the shell. The shell is made of steel plate.
303-0c studio internal specifications 420×360×360 external specifications 615×410×420. And 303-0a series digital studio 420×360×360 appearance specification 610×580×470.
4. The new economic incubator does not have air blowing device. The 303 series is equipped with air blast, and the bottom is equipped with air blast device. The temperature meter controls the temperature constant and high and low. When working, air flows in through the air inlet at the bottom of the box, is heated by heating wire, then flows into the studio through the air blast device, and then is discharged through the air vent at the top of the incubator.

The above is the difference and characteristics between the new economic incubator and the ordinary type constant temperature incubator.

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