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Operating principle of vacuum drying oven

You may be familiar with the USES of vacuum drying oven, but how much do you know about how vacuum drying oven work? Next, Kenton instrument and you discuss it.
Vacuum drying oven with heating, vacuum control of high precision constant temperature equipment, the market vacuum drying oven is divided into pointer, digital and LCD vacuum drying oven. LCD vacuum drying oven price is quite expensive, but the quality is the best, the vacuum drying oven by the temperature sensor and pressure sensor in the feel of the actual temperature and vacuum pressure is transformed into electrical signals, the microcomputer to control the heater, vacuum pump, air intake solenoid valve work, so as to achieve the required temperature and vacuum degree.
It is especially noted that, in order to ensure the uniform temperature in the oven, the items in the oven should not be placed too close and evenly distributed during the experiment, so as to facilitate the heat conduction of the items in the oven. If the vacuum pump fails to reach the set value, check whether the outer door of the cabinet is closed, and whether the external vacuum pump is connected to the pipeline and turns on the power. If the vacuum pump is not in operation, please check the fault according to the wiring diagram. At the same time this protective protective measure is also particularly good, front window anti - burst special plexiglass.
Kenton vacuum drying oven is specially designed for your product properties,20 years of professional research and development technology, the product vacuum drying oven, adhere to the quality.

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