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How to adjust the temperature of industrial oven

How to adjust the temperature of industrial oven? It's actually pretty simple.
(1) before power on, please make sure the switch is set on the "off" file to check whether there is any circuit break or leakage.
(2) connect the power, unscrew the exhaust cover, open the electric switch and open the air blast.
Control panel adjustment temperature tutorial:
(1) PV display: display the measured temperature, display all kinds of prompts according to the status of the controller;
(2) SV display: display the set temperature, according to the state of the controller display various parameters;
(3) light
RUN indicator light: when the controller is working, it is on and flashes automatically.
OUT (heating output indicator) : on when there is heating output;
ALM (alarm output indicator) : light up when there is alarm output;
(4) the keys
Function key: it is used for parameter recall and parameter modification confirmation.
Decrease key: used to adjust the size of the value or start self-tuning;
Increase key: used to adjust the size of a value or to start self-tuning.
Temperature adjustment steps:
Press the function key to display SP in the upper row, and press the subtract or add key to make the lower row display the required set temperature. Then press the function key, the upper row shows St, and press the subtract or add key, so that the lower row shows the required timing time. Press the function key again, return to standard mode.

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