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How to choose incubator for seed plant culture?

In today's information technology, many agricultural scientific research or laboratory, plant growth seeds germination will be used to operate the incubator. So, how should seed plant culture choose incubator?
As workers, we all hope that the seed emergence rate is high, the seedling is strong and orderly. However, in addition to seed quality, temperature, moisture and other factors are also decisive.
Kenton instrument 303 series small microbial incubator is suitable for the cultivation of seed plants, microorganisms, etc. The company's successful experience in the constant temperature field, through continuous research, the production of more safe, reliable, stable incubator and other products.
303 series features:
With integrated observation window, easy to observe the situation in the workshop;
The studio is made of galvanized steel and installed with circulating fan to reduce temperature deviation and fluctuation.
Magnetic door seam is used at the door edge to keep the incubator sealed.
The spacing of partitions and the number of partitions can be adjusted to facilitate the access of samples of different specifications;
High efficiency heating wire, rapid heating constant temperature stability.
If light conditions are needed, use a light incubator or an artificial climate incubator .
That's how to choose an incubator for seed plant culture,Welcome to Kenton instrument inquiry order!

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