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Effect of direct cooling and air cooling of incubator refrigeration system on refrigeration effect

In view of the user's doubts in purchasing experimental equipment with refrigeration (such as incubators), we will now make specific explanations based on the needs and uses to avoid the required requirements during use after purchase. Refrigeration equipment can be divided into two categories as a whole, according to different industries and needs are as follows:


1. The direct cooling type uses coils inside the inner wall of the coil to directly produce cooling effect. The heat exchange uses natural heat dissipation and there is no forced cooling of the fan. Therefore, the relative air cooling type has low manufacturing cost, less cooling capacity and slower cooling effect. It is difficult to maintain (because the coil is hidden in the foam layer). And the temperature fluctuation, the uniformity will be larger. Therefore, it can only be applied to storage. Users who have requirements on the temperature fluctuation and uniformity of experimental samples are not suitable, and the direct cooling type is not recommended if the temperature is below zero or the capacity is large.


2. The air-cooled type has an independent fan forced cooling and condensation system, which has a better effect on heat exchange. Therefore, the direct-heated type has the characteristics of high manufacturing cost, large cooling capacity, faster cooling effect, and convenient maintenance. Make the temperature fluctuation and uniformity smaller. Together with balanced refrigeration, the constant temperature effect is more outstanding, which can basically be constant within 0.5 degrees. Users who have requirements for temperature fluctuation and uniformity are particularly suitable. It is recommended to use air-cooled type if the temperature is below zero or the capacity is large.


Users can choose different types of refrigeration systems according to their needs and uses.


* Balanced means that the heating system is started at the same time during the cooling process, and the heating and cooling time is balanced by the program, so that the temperature is constant and the fluctuation is small.

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