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What should be paid attention to in the process of using the constant temperature and humidity incubator?

Kenton Instrument is a company integrating R & D, production and sales. It produces constant temperature and humidity test chambers with high-precision constant temperature equipment with cold and heat control. It can be used for plant cultivation, breeding test, bacteria, mold, microorganism cultivation and preservation , BOD measurement for water analysis and constant temperature test for other purposes. Excellent price, the constant temperature and humidity incubator brand has been highly recognized by the market.

Note during use of constant temperature and humidity incubator:

During transportation, the constant temperature and humidity incubator is forbidden to be placed upside down and placed more than 45 degrees.

Do not change the setting frequently during use, otherwise the compressor will start frequently and cause overload, which will affect the service life of the equipment.

This machine is equipped with a power switch. If a fault occurs during operation, please cut off the power first, check whether the control circuit is intact, and then check other parts. (See wiring diagram for details)

Be sure to close the inner door before closing the incubator door. If the inner door is not fully closed, the device may not work at its maximum performance even if the door is closed. When closing the door, be careful not to use excessive force to damage the door seal.
The water tank is recommended to use purified or distilled water to ensure that the water is humidified and clean.

In order to maintain the appearance of the equipment, do not wipe the exterior with a corrosive solution. The inside of the incubator can be wiped with a dry cloth or alcohol to keep the inside of the incubator clean.

When the equipment is not in use, keep the inside of the incubator dry and cut off the power.

To ensure that the temperature in the incubator is uniform, check the axial fan in the incubator for normal operation. During the experiment, the contents in the incubator should not be placed too densely and the fan outlet should not be blocked to facilitate the air circulation in the incubator.

Do not touch, hit the temperature probe inside the incubator, causing the temperature to run out of control.

Be sure to secure the shelf or the culture may be damaged.
Do not lean on or apply pressure to the glass, as this may cause personal injury.

Do not lean on the equipment door to prevent the equipment from falling down or the door being damaged to cause personal injury and equipment damage.

If the equipment is faulty, please ask a professional to repair or contact the sales department of the factory. The user should not disassemble it arbitrarily.

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