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What is the effect of Illumination incubator( light incubator) on plant culture?

Illumination incubator is a high-precision constant-temperature illumination simulation test equipment with refrigeration, heating and illumination control, which simulates the temperature and brightness of nature in day and night and simulates the multi-directional light source of nature.  The actual temperature sensed by the temperature sensor is converted into an electrical signal by a sensor located in the box.  At the same time, preset illumination intensity and electrical signals can be controlled by a microcomputer to control the number of heaters and illumination tubes or the operation of a refrigeration compressor, so as to achieve the required temperature and illumination control.

1. Light intensity

Light intensity plays an important role in the proliferation of cultured cells and the differentiation of organs. The light intensity of Kangheng Instrument Light Incubator GZP-150S is 0~10000, and GZP-250S is 0~15000.  The illumination setting range is five levels (20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%)

2. Photoperiod

The illumination period is usually 16h illumination and 8h darkness.  The illumination incubator adopts PID algorithm and a new intelligent digital display temperature regulator.  Users can choose according to different requirements. The cycle, illuminance, segmentation and timing functions include Chinese and English display options.  The large-screen liquid crystal display has clear interface and humanized operation.  The temperature illuminance and time interval are set and adjusted by operating the touch keys of the control panel, thus achieving the test purpose.

3. Light quality

Light quality affects photosynthesis.  Sunlight includes seven visible light spectra: red, orange, yellow, green, green and blue violet.  The absorption of light by plants is not full band but selective, but the absorption spectrum of light by different green plants is basically the same.  Kenton Instrument Illumination Incubator can be equipped with a three-sided illumination structure and multi-spectral fluorescent tubes. Using the incubator, it is better to set up light suitable for different plants.


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