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What is the service life of the thermostatic drying oven?

The constant temperature drying oven has high-precision constant temperature equipment for heating control. The actual temperature felt by the temperature sensor located in the oven is converted into an electrical signal, and the work of the heater is controlled by a microcomputer to achieve the required temperature. So, some people will ask, what is the service life of the thermostatic drying oven?

The answer is: correct use, it is not a problem for seven or eight years.
Some time ago, someone called for advice and said that the temperature of the drying oven is unstable now. What should I do? I asked them how long they bought? He replied that it was bought in 15 years, so it has been five years since then. The warranty period is over, but I answered him: check the display to see if it is heating. If it shows heating, the electric heating tube is damaged or the control board and wiring are faulty. Consider replacing these accessories.

The constant temperature drying oven is generally prone to failure in sensors, electric heating tubes, control boards, and circuits. These issues note that the correct life of the drying oven will result in a longer life.

Here's a reminder: Do not change the setting value frequently during use of the drying oven, otherwise it will affect the control accuracy and the service life of the equipment.

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