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What are the main differences between a constant temperature blast drying oven and a constant temperature drying oven?

Customers who have used Kenton instrument drying ovens will know that the 101 series and 202 series have the same appearance, but the internal characteristics and use methods are different. The same is both: it is suitable for drying, baking, heat treatment, heating in industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, scientific research units, etc. It is not suitable for volatile, flammable and explosive items, so as not to cause explosion. The biggest difference between the two is: one is a drying oven with blast air, forced convection by a fan, a low-noise hot air circulation system, and one is a constant temperature drying oven with natural convection.

The two are different and each has its advantages.

Constant temperature drying oven (natural convection drying oven) Advantages: It is designed to dry samples of powder, insects and other small objects, to avoid the wind from causing the samples to fly up.
The advantages of constant temperature blast drying oven: fast drying speed, fast temperature rise, relatively uniform temperature, energy saving.

The 101 series and 202 series are the old brands of Kenton Instruments. They are inexpensive, but the quality is not worse than that on the market. This is why it is popular with many customers. Welcome to inquire and buy!

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