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Operation instructions for using light incubator

In biogenetic engineering, medical treatment, health and epidemic prevention, drug inspection, agriculture, animal husbandry and aquatic products, a kind of test equipment-light incubator is often used. Light incubator is a high-precision constant temperature light simulation test equipment with refrigeration, heating, and light control , Can be used for plant culture, breeding test, cultivation, preservation of bacteria, mold, microorganism, BOD determination of water analysis and other temperature constant temperature test.

So, let's introduce the use method with GZP series. Please refer to the panel operation.

Operation and usage

1. When the controller is powered on, [(3) display window] displays "PS", [(5) display window] displays "V01", the buzzer beeps once, and enters the normal display state after about 2 seconds.

2. Set value modification

In the normal display state, click the [Set] button, the "TIME" and "SV" identifiers flash at the same time. At this time, the numeric value of the cursor flashing can be modified by the [Shift] [Increase] [Decrease] keys, and then click [ Setting key can switch to the next group of values. After the modification is completed, long press the [SET] button for 1 second to exit the setting state, or in the fixed value mode, continuously click the [SET] button to modify a group of data and exit, the buzzer will beep once and enter the normal display Interface, parameters are automatically saved.

When the controller is running in program mode, click the [SET] button, and the segment number display value will start flashing. At this time, you can modify the segment value through [Increase] and [Decrease] keys, you can view the setting values ​​of time, temperature, humidity, and illuminance under the corresponding segment number. Click the [Set] key again to modify the settings under the current segment parameter. When the cursor returns to the segment value and flashes, modify the segment value again to modify the next segment.

When the controller is running in [Day / Night] mode, click the [Set] button, the "DAY" identifier flashes, and through the [Increase] [Decrease] button, you can switch the "NIGHT" identifier to flash, check the day and night To set parameters, click the [Set] button to modify the setting parameters in day or night mode.

3. Segment number or cycle setting

In the non-fixed value mode (see parameter table-1-U1 for details), when the controller stops running, long press the [SET] key for 3 seconds, the [(1) display window] displays the “Lc” prompt, [( 2) Display window] Display the password value. Use the [Increase] [Decrease] keys to modify the password value to 3, and enter the cycle and segment number setting.

In program mode, if the "PRO" prompt flashes, you can set the value of the total running segment; click the [Set] key, and when the "CYC" prompt flashes, you can set the total number of running cycles (when the number of cycles is set to 0) , The controller has been running). After the setting is completed, press and hold the [SET] button for 3 seconds to exit the setting and the parameters are automatically saved.

    In day and night mode, there is no total number of running segments, only the period can be set.

4. Start and stop

Press and hold the [R / S] key U7 (see user parameter table-1) for seconds to start the controller. When running [(2) display window] displays the remaining running time; when the running time is up, the controller stops running and beeps The device tweets U9 (see user parameter table-1 for details), [(2) display window] displays "End", or long-press [R / S] key U7 seconds to stop the controller, [(2) display window] "OFF" is displayed.

When the controller is running in program mode and the total number of segments is greater than 1, if the constant temperature and humidity conditions (see parameter table -4-U5, U6 for details) are not turned on, you need to set each period and then turn on the operation, the time is set 0 Start invalid.

5. Appointment function

When the value of the reservation function AP (see user parameter table-6 for details) is set to 1, click the [Set] button again to set the reservation time in minutes, otherwise directly exit to enter the normal display interface.

After setting the reservation timer, you need to click the [R / S] button to start the operation. In the reservation timing, you can enter the parameter table again to modify the reservation time, or click the [R / S] key to stop the controller operation, the operation set time is automatically cleared, and it is only valid once.

6. Fault prompt

Temperature alarm: when there is a deviation alarm at the temperature, “℃” flashes quickly; when there is a deviation alarm at the temperature, “℃” flashes slowly;

Humidity alarm: "% RH" flashes quickly when there is a deviation alarm in humidity, and "% RH" flashes slowly when there is a deviation alarm in humidity;

If [(3) Display Window] displays "---", it means the temperature sensor or the controller itself is faulty, please check the temperature sensor and its wiring carefully.

7. Defrost function

   The defrost function can be turned on automatically or manually. Automatically turn on (see internal parameter table-4 for details). The time set by the user sets the defrost interval and defrost time. Manual start means that in the main interface, manually click the [Defrost] button to manually start the defrost. The manual defrosting time still uses the time set in the parameter table. When the delay time expires, the defrosting ends automatically.

8. Power-off memory function

By modifying the power-off memory parameter values ​​(see "U2" parameter: internal parameter table-1 for details), you can choose whether to have power-off memory function.

9. Viewing and setting of internal parameters

In the normal display state, long press the [Set] key for 3 seconds [(1) Display window] displays the password prompt "Lc", [(2) Display window] displays the password value, enter a different password value to enter the internal parameter setting state , And then click the [Set] button to modify each parameter. Press and hold the [SET] button for 3 seconds again, the buzzer will beep once to exit this state, and the parameter value will be automatically saved.

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